We know that current, mass food production cycles and systems are not sustainable and are costing us and our planet dearly.



Since beginning our own journey of pursuing sustainable food solutions in 1983, we have chosen a better way, a healthier way, a more sustainable way. 

Over the past 15 years we have become passionate about giving you that opportunity as well. With these passions in mind we created Desert Lake Gardens.

In addition to catering and our Mill St. Café, Desert Lake Gardens offers weekly local & organic grocery delivery.

For more information visit the Desert Lake Gardens website.



Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and supply healthy, nourishing food in a way that minimizes adverse
environmental impact.



While we are strong advocates of a local, environmentally gentle way of eating, we also want to enjoy the best and most delicious foods. Seasonal, garden fresh, local ingredients ensure not only clean, virtuous meals but also the most flavourful ones, to be enjoyed in the company of friends and community.